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Second home technology installation
The Element Integration team was to hired to complete a home technology installation project for a second home. The homeowners were looking to extend their home technology experience throughout this coastal vacation home.

First of all, when we get involved early in a project, our first priority is to listen to our client’s desires and questions. The client may not know every piece of home technology they want or need initially, but the Element Integration team can help plan for features they might want to add in the future.

If pre-wiring planning is done right, it includes what is needed immediately and also anticipates the future. New devices and features may need power outlets or junctions in walls and ceilings that aren’t part of standard electrical plans. With a detailed plan in hand, we oversaw the buildout, confident that the home is ready for whatever our clients might need moving forward.
We began by installing the rough-wiring followed by integration of the lighting control and security system components. The technology will allow the owners to control the lights in their beach home even when they’re not there from their smartphone or tablet. They will also be able to keep their home safe by simulating occupancy with automatic light settings.

The security system installed provides a safe and secure home for the family. The system is smart enough to alert the owner whether they are in the home or away from it. While away, the homeowners can disarm alarm systems to let in the maintenance workers or others needing to visit the home temporarily, then activate it as soon as they leave. When integrated with the lighting control system it can turn on lights if an intrusion is detected or light a dim pathway when the smoke alarm is triggered.

The team completed this custom install in a timely manner so the homeowners could fully enjoy their vacation home. The project was successfully completed over a week's time.

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