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audio, video and technology services integrator

Element Integration serves the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC areas delivering audio, video and technology services specializing in custom installations of video, audio, home automation, security and networking solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Technology, lighting and furnishings – details like these can transform your space, therefore transforming your experience whenever you’re in it.

Our goal is to help you obtain the experience you are looking for. We will help you be in your Element.  First of all, we’ll guide you through the decisions while providing fresh options. Then, we’ll stand back while you choose your favorites. We pull it all together into a home or office design that is functional and uniquely yours. Finally, our team will be there to supervise the entire project to finish.

Plan, Design, residential, commercial

& Design

Element Integration combines analysis and hardware recommendations to provide decision-makers the information they need to understand the current status of their technologies and the next steps to optimize equipment usage.

Installation components

& Installation

We are a full-service technologies integrator specializing in component selection and installation. We are dedicated to providing our customers with with the latest in electronics while enhancing their lifestyle or business workflow.


& Support

When you decide to partner with Element Integration, your decision will bring you our ongoing services and support to maintain a better overall technology experience that our clients can count on.

Element Integration North Carolina

Element Integration is a collective of dedicated people striving to build user-friendly technology experiences by delivering both residential and commercial services.

We offer Residential and Commercial services including audio, video, networking, controls, lighting controls and integration.

Element Integration provides audio, video and technology services for residential and commercial. We deliver a variety of options regarding networking and installation for your home or business.

We can provide these services for your home or business. As part of our offerings, we can address lighting, temperature, and more.

Our team of knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right setup to fit your needs. Whether in your home or business, we can build an amazing technology experience by creating a unique setup customized to meet your needs.

Automating your Home
or Business

Want to take your home or business automation to the next level?  We can help by putting your lighting and other devices on your network.

Are you looking to put in a lighting system to minimize your electric bill? Our automation options can allow you to build a system that will have your lights on a schedule or even tie them right to your smartphone.

Now you can have the capability to click the lights on before you reach your door.

Increase the Value of your Residence and entertaining too

Your home entertainment system can be taken to the next level with our various options. Our installers have the experience to help you build a cinema experience that will fit the needs of your space. Our audio/video store can also provide the components that you need to build an audio experience throughout your home or business.

You can increase the value of your home by adding a home theater experience that rivals the movie theater. Give your family the gift of an amazing movie night with our home theater options.

SecurE What Matters
for your home or business

Element Integration is also a security system supplier, providing all the cameras and other security elements that you need to protect your home or business. Our work with commercial partners allows us to give you the best and up-to-date options while meeting your budget and time constraints. Using our skilled team with decades of experience, we can determine the best placement for all your security components throughout your system.

Leadership Team

mark solomon Technology Audio Video

Mark Solomon

President & Founder

20 years in
Technology and
jim ankeny Audio Video Security

jim ankeny

Vice President, Sales & Security

25 years
experience in
the Audio/Video
and Security
Jeff jerina residential audio video

Jeff Jerina

Account Manager,

18 years
experience in the

karl Agell commercial residential audio video

karl agell

Account Manager,
Commercial and Residential

22 years
experience in the
Commercial and
Residential Audio/
Video Industry

Danny Heulitt

Account Manager,
Commercial and Residential

18 years
experience in
the Audio/Video
and Security

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