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four key benefits of an

Integrated Home System

Today, the concept of complete control over your electronics from one device is becoming more and more popular. The advantages of home automation are being felt far and wide.

Having an integrated home automation system is something you may have thought about but have yet to incorporate in your home. We have outlined below the key considerations when building your integrated home automation system.


Convenience and Comfort

Many (or maybe most) of us now have a home network installed. We know the convenience of having an internet connection and how much the World Wide Web has changed the way we live and do business.

With home automation, you're basically increasing that convenience by taking your network connection that one step further.For our fast-paced lives, having the means to control your electronics from one device (i.e., your smartphone) makes life less stressful, all at the control of your fingertips.


Security and Safety

Sometimes, it’s not always about the comfort of being able to control your lights from your phone. There are times when you need to feel secure. Many people now have security cameras installed in and around their homes. With an integrated home system, having control over CCTV and motion control, even if you’re not there, can give you great peace of mind.

In fact, earlier this year, a man from New Jersey was actually able to stop a burglar through his home automation device.


Saving and Efficiency

Did you know that America holds the number two spot in countries that use the most electricity? China is number one.

By having home automation, you can have more control over your lights, heating, and even water usage. Smart thermostats and smart light bulbs help to cut down on your utility bills over time. How? By allowing you to remotely turn things off that are not in use.


Did you leave the light on in the hallway when you went out? Use your phone to turn it off. The savings will add up in your monthly utility bill. In this ever-changing economy, isn't that what we all want?



All of these benefits boil down to one simple idea: control. Having home automation gives you the ultimate in control over your electronics. Access to different apps for various devices gives dexterity. Imagine the feeling of added control over your security system, temperature adjustments, appliances, and lighting, just to name a few. Your “smart” home will be thinking on its own.

Integrated Home Systems
Are the Future

Integrated home systems offer many benefits that the average household can make use of and see immediate, cost-effective results. If we're going to have smart cars on our roads, then a home automation system that is convenient for you when you're in your house or away suddenly makes sense.

It's the comfort, safety, and efficiency of it all that makes the entire system seem a bit futuristic to some and modern to others, in particular, the millennial generation.

If you're interested in having an integrated system installed in your home or business, contact us today by clicking here.

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